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🔥Car U-shaped pillow🔥

In the car, the sleeping posture of the elderly and children is caused by the ups and downs, which causes motion sickness. There is a risk of hitting the head when turning or braking hard, and the neck will be sore after waking up.

Product Features

  • Relieve motion sickness. The arc design, double-sided wrapping, fits the cheeks on both sides, fully protects the cervical spine, and fixes the head to relieve motion sickness.
  • Safe sleep. Ergonomic design, safety neck protection, height can be adjusted at will, with silicone buckle, firm and stable, sleep peacefully.
  • The fabric is comfortable and soft. Using environmentally friendly materials, fine workmanship, UV protection, and high and low temperature resistance.
  • Easy to use. It can be installed in 60 seconds.
  • Required for self-driving.
  • Various colors are available: black, beige, coffee red.
  • Suitable for most models.

Product Specifications

  • Weight: 720g
  • Size: 23*13cm
  • Applicable: Double rod spacing 5.5-18.5cm is available

Installation steps

  • Choose a suitable pile of rubber plugs, and install them on the metal inserter of the car's headrest.
  • Talk about the A end of the mounting rod inserted into the B end, and firmly hook the metal rod to install it on the car seat.
  • The left and right wings are installed at both ends of the headrest bracket and the screw cover is tightened.


  • Cars with heads that can be stretched can be installed.
  • The width is not enough, and it cannot be installed without a post.
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